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FbTk::Timer Class Reference

#include <Timer.hh>

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Detailed Description

Handles TimeoutHandles

Definition at line 61 of file Timer.hh.

Public Member Functions

int doOnce () const
void fireOnce (bool once)
const timeval & getStartTime () const
const timeval & getTimeout () const
int isTiming () const
void setTimeout (timeval val)
 set timeout
void setTimeout (long val)
 set timeout
void start ()
 start timing
void stop ()
 stop timing
 Timer (TimeoutHandler *handler)

Static Public Member Functions

static void updateTimers (int file_descriptor)
 update all timers

Protected Member Functions

void fireTimeout ()
 force a timeout

Private Types

typedef std::list< Timer * > TimerList

Static Private Member Functions

static void addTimer (Timer *timer)
 add a timer to the static list
static void removeTimer (Timer *timer)
 remove a timer from the static list

Private Attributes

bool m_once
 do timeout only once?
timeval m_start
 start time
timeval m_timeout
 time length
bool m_timing
 clock running?

Static Private Attributes

static TimerList m_timerlist
 list of all timers

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