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FbTk::Theme Class Reference

#include <Theme.hh>

Inherited by FbTk::MenuTheme.

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Detailed Description

Hold ThemeItems. Use this to create a Theme set.

Definition at line 87 of file Theme.hh.

Public Member Functions

template<typename T>
void add (ThemeItem< T > &item)
 add ThemeItem
const std::list
< ThemeItem_base * > & 
itemList () const
std::list< ThemeItem_base * > & itemList ()
virtual void reconfigTheme ()=0
template<typename T>
void remove (ThemeItem< T > &item)
 remove ThemeItem
int screenNum () const
 Theme (int screen_num)

Private Types

typedef std::list
< ThemeItem_base * > 

Private Attributes

const int m_screen_num
ItemList m_themeitems

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