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FbTk::TextureRender Class Reference

#include <TextureRender.hh>

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Detailed Description

Renders texture to pixmap.

This is used with BImageControl to render textures

Definition at line 43 of file TextureRender.hh.

Public Member Functions

Pixmap render (const FbTk::Texture &src_texture)
 render to pixmap
Pixmap renderGradient (const FbTk::Texture &src_texture)
 render gradient texture to pixmap
Pixmap renderSolid (const FbTk::Texture &src_texture)
 render solid texture to pixmap
 TextureRender (ImageControl &ic, unsigned int width, unsigned int height, XColor *_colors=0, size_t num_colors=0)

Private Member Functions

void makeGradientBuffers ()
Pixmap renderPixmap ()
XImage * renderXImage ()
render functions
void bevel1 ()
void bevel2 ()
void cdgradient ()
void dgradient ()
void egradient ()
void hgradient ()
void invert ()
void pcgradient ()
void pgradient ()
void rgradient ()
void vgradient ()

Private Attributes

unsigned char * blue
int blue_bits
int blue_offset
const unsigned char * blue_table
XColor * colors
int cpc
int cpccpc
const FbTk::Colorfrom
unsigned char * green
int green_bits
int green_offset
const unsigned char * green_table
unsigned int height
bool interlaced
int ncolors
unsigned char * red
int red_bits
int red_offset
const unsigned char * red_table
const FbTk::Colorto
unsigned int width
unsigned int * xtable
unsigned int * ytable

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