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FbTk::ImageControl Class Reference

#include <ImageControl.hh>

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Detailed Description

Holds screen info, color tables and caches textures.

Definition at line 40 of file ImageControl.hh.

Public Member Functions

int bitsPerPixel () const
int colorsPerChannel () const
void colorTables (const unsigned char **, const unsigned char **, const unsigned char **, int *, int *, int *, int *, int *, int *) const
int depth () const
bool doDither () const
void getGradientBuffers (unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int **, unsigned int **)
unsigned long getSqrt (unsigned int val) const
void getXColorTable (XColor **, int *)
 ImageControl (int screen_num, bool dither=false, int colors_per_channel=4, unsigned long cache_timeout=300000l, unsigned long cache_max=200l)
void installRootColormap ()
void removeImage (Pixmap thepix)
Pixmap renderImage (unsigned int width, unsigned int height, const FbTk::Texture &src_texture)
int screenNum () const
void setColorsPerChannel (int cpc)
void setDither (bool d)
virtual void timeout ()
 called when the time is out
Visual * visual () const

Private Types

typedef struct
 sqrt lookup table
typedef std::list< Cache * > CacheList

Private Member Functions

void createColorTable ()
Pixmap searchCache (unsigned int width, unsigned int height, unsigned long texture_type, const FbTk::Color &color, const FbTk::Color &color_to) const

Private Attributes

int bits_per_pixel
int blue_bits
unsigned char blue_color_table [256]
int blue_offset
CacheList cache
unsigned long cache_max
unsigned int grad_buffer_height
unsigned int grad_buffer_width
unsigned int * grad_xbuffer
unsigned int * grad_ybuffer
int green_bits
unsigned char green_color_table [256]
int green_offset
Colormap m_colormap
XColor * m_colors
 color table
int m_colors_per_channel
 number of colors per channel
bool m_dither
unsigned int m_num_colors
 number of colors in color table
Window m_root_window
int m_screen_depth
 bit depth of screen
int m_screen_num
 screen number
Timer m_timer
Visual * m_visual
int red_bits
unsigned char red_color_table [256]
int red_offset

Static Private Attributes

static unsigned long * sqrt_table = 0


struct  Cache
 sqrt lookup table More...

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