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FbTk::Font Class Reference

#include <Font.hh>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Handles the client to fontimp bridge.

Definition at line 40 of file Font.hh.

Public Member Functions

float angle () const
int ascent () const
int descent () const
void drawText (Drawable w, int screen, GC gc, const char *text, size_t len, int x, int y, bool rotate=true) const
 Font (const char *name=0, bool antialias=false)
unsigned int height () const
bool isAntialias () const
bool isRotated () const
bool load (const char *name)
void rotate (float angle)
void setAntialias (bool flag)
unsigned int textWidth (const char *const text, unsigned int size) const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool multibyte ()
static bool utf8 ()

Private Attributes

float m_angle
 rotation angle
bool m_antialias
 is font antialias
std::auto_ptr< FontImpm_fontimp
 font implementation
std::string m_fontstr
 font name
bool m_rotated
 wheter we're rotated or not

Static Private Attributes

static bool m_multibyte = false
 if the fontimp should be a multibyte font
static bool m_utf8mode = false
 should the font use utf8 font imp

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